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Fiber optic cable, twisted pair, cable differences
In the network hardware, there is another kind that can not be ignored is the network transmission medium, we usually called network cable. At present, the common net...[Detail]
How heating cables work
Outside of the heating cable is composed of cold line hotline, inner core consists of insulating layer, grounding, shielding layer and an outer sheath, electricity, h...[Detail]
What are the methods of electrical stress control for extruded cable terminal?
Electrical stress control is an important part in the design of medium and high voltage cable accessories. Electrical stress control is to control the electric field ...[Detail]
Cable production and processing process
1. Single core installation line1, conductor → insulation injection → pressure test → inspection qualified → roll packaging → factory2, conductor → conductor strand o...[Detail]
Harm of non-standard wire and cable
"Non-national standard wires and counterfeit brand-name wires are prone to tripping or burning the mains of the power supply, and even cause fires," an industry sourc...[Detail]
Power cable does not advocate "to copper for aluminum"
Power cables do not advocate "to make copper with aluminum" worthy of attention! At present, there are some misunderstandings in the power cable industry. Some people...[Detail]
Industrial upgrading in the power sector should be based on energy optimization
With the opening of a round of power industry optimization and reform, the end of the industry chain and the top-level design will usher in a re-layout and upgrade of...[Detail]
What are the application areas of power regulators?
Power regulators are now typically triggered by digital circuits to trigger voltage regulation and power regulation. The voltage regulation adopts the phase shift con...[Detail]
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