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How to choose the right transformer according to the use environment?
Dry-type transformers are commonly used power equipment and have a wide range of applications. They are used in places such as local lighting, high-rise buildings, airports, and terminal CNC machinery equipment. Although dry-type transformers are widely used, it does not mean that all specifications can be used in all environments. Under normal circumstances, the use of different environments, the choice of dry-type transformers is not the same. So, how to choose the right transformer according to the use of the environment? Dry-type transformer manufacturers based on years of experience in the production and installation of transformers, simply summed up under the use of the method to select the transformer, as follows:
1. Under normal medium conditions, oil-immersed transformers or dry-type transformers may be used, such as industrial and mining enterprises, agricultural independent or auxiliary substations, and independent substations in the community. The available transformers are S8, S9, S10, SC(B)9, SC(B)10 and so on.
2. In multi-story or high-rise main buildings, non-flammable or flame-resistant transformers, such as SC(B)9, SC(B)10, SCZ(B)9, SCZ(B)10, etc., should be selected.
3. Closed or sealed transformers, such as BS9, S9-, S10-, and SH12-M, should be selected where dusty or corrosive gases seriously affect the safe operation of the transformer.
4. The high and low distribution devices without flammable oil and the non-oil immersed distribution transformer can be installed in the same room. At this time, the transformer should be equipped with an IP2X protection enclosure for safety.
In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of dry-type transformers, the selected installation environment must meet the normal operation of dry-type transformers. The general environmental requirements of dry-type transformers for installation and use are as follows:
1, 0 - 40 ( °C), relative humidity <70%;
2, altitude: not more than 2500 meters;
3. Avoid exposure to rain, moisture, heat, heat, or direct sunlight. The heat-dissipating vents and surrounding objects shall have a distance of not less than 40cm;
4, to prevent work in the corrosive liquid, or gas, dust, conductive fiber or metal fines more places;
5, to prevent work in vibration or electromagnetic interference places.
In short, when selecting a dry-type transformer, it is necessary to select the appropriate transformer equipment according to the use environment to ensure the service life of the transformer.
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