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Electric power reform promotes continuous acceleration. The two ministries commissioned Wenfang Electric Power Development Plan.
    On April 10, the National Development and Reform Commission was informed that the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration issued the “Notice on Orderly Development and Utilization of Electricity Utilization Plan.” The notice pointed out that all localities must speed up the reform of the power system and gradually expand the scale of market-oriented electricity consumption. From the date of issue, power generation companies, especially coal-fired power generation companies, will be organized with power-selling companies, users, and power grid companies to sign a three-party power purchase agreement (contract) as soon as possible.
    Ten relevant issues raised in the notice, including accelerating the organization of power generation companies and buyers of power purchase contracts to sign power purchase agreements (contracts), newly approved generating units actively participating in market transactions, standardizing and improving market-based trading power price adjustment mechanisms, and orderly release of cross- Inter-provincial provinces to send electricity and electricity plans, earnestly formulate priority generation plans, allow conditional market-based transfer of priority generation plan indicators, and guide electricity purchasers of other purchasing entities to participate in market transactions and participate in market transactions on the basis of guaranteeing the normal use of electricity by non-bargaining users. No longer implement the catalog price, take practical measures to implement the priority power generation, priority power purchase system.
    The notice pointed out that in 2017, on the basis of giving priority to supporting the already-executed market trading power, the other coal-fired power generators will not be planning to have more than 80% of the planned thermal power for the previous year, which belongs to energy-saving and environmental protection units and self-signed electricity purchase agreements (contracts). ) The proportion of enterprises that exceeded the 50% of the number of hours used for thermal power projects in the previous year may be adjusted upwards, but it shall not exceed 85%. After 2018, the proportion of planned power generation will be reduced year by year with the use of electricity.
    The notice also proposes to standardize and improve the market-based electricity price adjustment mechanism. Power generation companies and power sales companies, users, and power grid companies have signed market-based power purchase agreements (contracts), encourage the signing of medium- and long-term contracts, and agree on price adjustment mechanisms in contracts.
    It is worth noting that the notice proposes that the national planning of the existing large-scale hydropower, nuclear power, wind power, solar power and other clean energy generation, as well as the network of local governments to clean energy by the agreement, through priority power generation plans to focus on protection. Within the national plan and approved by the China Development [2015] No. 9 document, after the implementation of the clean energy generator set, in the implementation of the priority power generation plan, the proportion of market-based methods to form part of the price should be gradually expanded. The coal power unit approved in the national plan and approved after the issuance of the document [2015] No. 9 will no longer retain the existing electricity or electricity distribution ratio, and the proportion of the electricity generation plan will be released to half of the proportion of the electricity-reserved area.
    The notice also stated that it is a priority power generation plan that forms a market-based approach to price formation. If the contract cannot be achieved, the indicator can be market-based transferred to other priority generating units. The market-based transfer of priority power generation plan indicators can be conducted locally or across provinces. All power users who participate in the power market transaction will no longer perform the corresponding catalog price. Except for the power corresponding to priority power purchase and priority power generation, the other online power price of the power generation enterprise is determined mainly by the users, the power selling entity and the power generation enterprise through independent negotiation and market bidding.
    Analysts at Huachuang Securities stated that the power reform is the core of China’s economic system reform, and it is also the work that the central government strongly promotes. The new round of power reform has already expired in 2015 and has already expired for two years. In the past two years, reforms have been introduced from policies to local pilots, and supporting documents have been landed and drastically promoted. The reform process has exceeded the expectations of the electric power industry and the capital market. Electric power reform is subverting traditions. Electricity market order.
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