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Hydropower installation precautions
The decoration of hydropower is a very important part of the renovation. The hydropower projects at home are closely related to our lives and cannot be ignored. Therefore, the quality of hydropower projects must be done well for the acceptance of houses. It.
First, waterway reconstruction
1. Don't damage the original wire pipeline or plumbing pipe when drilling holes. When the electrical conduit is laid, it is necessary to thread the conduit. Do not bury the wire directly on the ground or in the wall. This is not only unsafe, but it cannot be repaired once it is damaged. After the plumbing pipe is applied, the plumbing pipe must be pressure tested. After the pipe is qualified, the next process is performed to prevent the pipe from leaking and causing damage.
2, the kitchen and bathroom, etc. need to do waterproof parts, after the completion of the water must be closed water test, after passing qualifying.
Another need to pay attention
(1) The general water reform does not go to the top, each cold, hot water outlet must be level, generally left right hot right, the pipeline laying needs to be flat and straight. The layout should be safe and reasonable. The location of pipe clamps and the slope of the pipeline should all meet the requirements of the code. All types of valve installation should be correct and level, easy to use and repair. After the construction of the later stage, the test should be suppressed.
(2) In-water main valve shall be provided. Before installation, the water pipe and its connecting parts must be inspected for damage, blisters, and cracks.
(3) The water meter should be installed at a convenient location for reading. The distance between the water meter and the valve should be appropriate. It should be easy to use and maintain.
(4) If a water softener, a water purifier, or a small kitchen treasure is to be installed in the kitchen, consideration should be given to keeping the position of the upper and lower water and the position of the power supply in advance.
(5) Cold and hot water pipes are all in the wall. Check the depth of the groove when grooving. The hot and cold water pipes can not be the same.
Second, electrical installation
1. When wiring, the colors of phase line and neutral line should be different; the color of the same residential line (L) should be uniform, the neutral line (N) should be blue, and the protection line (PE) should use yellow-green two-color lines.
2. Put the PVC glue on the head directly before threading the thread to avoid water. When the power cable is put through the pipe, the conductor should be straightened and then the pipe should be inserted. The connector must not be pulled out or pulled in the middle; when the weak wire is used, the force should not be excessive when it is threaded to avoid the wire from being broken.
3, the power branch connector should be connected in the socket box, switch box, lamp box, each connector should not exceed two wiring, the line should have a proper margin in the box.
4, audio cable into the wall should be done at the end of the box. At the joints of the multi-core telephone lines, the sheath nozzles are tightly wrapped with tape to prevent the phone lines from being wet and crosstalk and other faults from occurring.
5, TV antenna wiring must use the splitter and leave the inspection port.
6. Do not connect the power cable in the pipe, do not expose the power cable to the ceiling or directly to the wall to ensure that the power cable can be pulled or replaced.
7. The wire connection is firm, the joint is not pulled, tightly packed, when the screw (nut) is used to connect, the insulation distance of the wire is no more than 3mm, and the connection between the copper wires is crimped or twisted. The length of the twisted wire is not less than 5 turns. , Bare wires must be wrapped with waterproof tape and then black cloth, no insulation damage and other defects approved by inspection.
8. The wires, signal lines, telephone lines, etc. that pass through the pipe are all tested to confirm if there is a short circuit between lines, a short circuit to ground, a disconnection, etc., and the embedding line pipe is then confirmed after it is confirmed.
9. The wiring of single-phase two-hole socket faces the left-right zero-phase of the socket, and the single-phase three-hole is directly above the ground line. The socket ground is laid separately and must not be mixed with the working zero line. All single-phase outlets should be "left-right, ground-on."
10, sockets, switches installed to be solid, seamless around the kitchen, bathroom and indoor and outdoor installation of the switch should use a splash box switch.
11, air-conditioning power supply with 16A three-hole socket, all heights below 1500mm socket should be installed with a protective baffle socket to prevent children from touching, bathroom should be used for local equipotential connection terminals, sockets with waterproof splash type, and away from water. The lighting switch should be located outside the door. The mirror headlight and Yuba should use a waterproof switch in the bathroom.
12, for the comfort of life, the bedroom should use double control switch, kitchen power outlet should be set side by side switch, control power off.
13. When the socket, switch, and panel are fixed, use the matching screws. Do not use wooden screws or plasterboard screws instead to avoid damage to the bottom box. The switch mounting direction is the same.
14. The distribution box shall be separately powered according to the different power of the indoor power equipment; high-power household appliances shall be independently wired and installed. The arrangement of the wires in the distribution box should be neat, the switches of the outlet lighting must be separated, the crimping accessories must be complete, the direction of rotation of the crimped conductor must be correct, the circuit breaker must be firmly connected, and no conductors with different wire diameters can be connected to the circuit breaker terminals. When crimping at the same end, distribution boxes must be balanced and each circuit must be marked.
15. After completion, submit a standard detailed circuit layout.
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