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What is the next direction of the smart grid?
Coordinating the consideration of forward-looking technologies and practical technologies, promoting the clean transformation of energy structure and the revolution of energy consumption are the trends of smart grid future planning.
The smart grid construction planning led the government to issue the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of Smart Grids”, which clearly pointed out that informationization, automation and interaction are three typical characteristics of smart grids. The application of the "informatization" construction of various advanced information and communication technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, and big data provides a supporting basic platform for various planning tasks of the smart grid; the "automation" level of the grid operation equipment and regulation implementation directly determines the grid energy. Whether it is safe and stable operation; promoting the development of the “interactive” source-network-load system and promoting the transformation of energy production and consumption patterns is the ultimate goal of smart grid construction.
Information construction
The focus is on planning and layout in both the communication support network and the information platform.
In terms of communication support network, it focuses on the construction of communication main backup support channels required for power grid production and dispatch control, strengthens and optimizes the provincial backbone transmission network, and transforms communication circuits carrying important services to enhance the network's ability to withstand multiple points of failure; Improve data communication network coverage and access bandwidth, realize full coverage of all levels of units, substations, power supply stations (business halls); expand and improve 10 kV communication access network, and improve 10 kV power distribution stations in various types The coverage of optical fiber communication in the power supply area will reach more than 90% of the optical fiber communication coverage of the State Grid Corporation's A+ power supply area in 2020; combined with the requirements of distribution automation and distribution network regulation and integration, construction of optical fiber, wireless, carrier and other communications A method of coexisting communication access network platform.
In the aspect of information platform, we will build an integrated information integration platform covering multiple links and multiple levels of smart grids, and apply cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and mobile technologies to integrate with the company's production, operation and management to realize information integration into the company. Full-service, full-process, to meet the company's refined management and cross-business data applications; pilot construction of the main business applications of the grid, the establishment of an integrated business application system consisting of production control cloud, enterprise management cloud, public service cloud.
Automated construction
The focus is on planning and layout in terms of transmission, substation, distribution, and dispatch.
In terms of power transmission, demonstration of high-voltage large-capacity flexible direct current transmission, multi-terminal flexible direct current transmission, offshore wind power and other technologies, in 2020, the ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission demonstration project will be completed to solve the problem of large-scale clean energy transmission; the focus is on the core backbone network. Heavy-duty lines, strategic transmission channels, and important spanning areas, etc., to carry out the construction of the transmission equipment condition monitoring system; in the areas where natural disasters occur frequently, the deployment of mountain fire, ice coating, lightning and other monitoring and disaster prevention and mitigation early warning systems; Promote inspections of helicopters, drones, and robots, and expand the scope of transmission line monitoring and intelligent inspections.
In terms of power transformation, we will continue to promote the construction of intelligent substations and synchronize the intelligent transformation of old substations. We will promote the intelligentization of primary equipment in substations, develop and apply intelligent devices such as intelligent transformers and intelligent circuit breakers, build a state monitoring platform for substation equipment, and establish a highly intelligent substation technology system.
In terms of power distribution, the construction of distribution automation system is promoted in an orderly manner, and the distribution automation construction plan and technical route suitable for regional needs are selected differently, and the distribution automation coverage rate in different regions is gradually improved, and the distribution automation system and main network are promoted. In the 2020, the company will achieve 100% coverage of the distribution automation system of various power supply areas of the State Grid Corporation.
In terms of scheduling, the functions of the smart grid dispatching control system at all levels will be further improved, the network structure of the dispatching data will be optimized, the network bandwidth will be expanded, the security protection system architecture will be improved, and the scheduling, power plant stations and various control systems will be further strengthened. Protection coverage; conducting demonstration of combined operation of wind power and urban heating, tackling system-level operation control technology for AC/DC hybrid power grids with high proportion of clean energy access, and researching and constructing a unified intelligent dispatching, economic operation and security defense system for large power grids, Further ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.
Interactive construction
The focus is on planning and layout of five aspects: conventional power grid-connected, large-scale new energy access, distributed power access, intelligent interactive power, and electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities.
In the aspect of conventional power grid connection, the implementation of the actual thermal power unit parameters measurement work is carried out, the accuracy of the system calculation is improved, and the information monitoring function of the thermal power unit desulfurization and denitrification is carried out, so that the information between the power source and the power grid is open and interoperable. Through the optimal scheduling of the power supply, the power supply structure adjustment is promoted, and the operation compensation mechanism for the power supply actively participating in the peak-shaping frequency modulation is established.
In terms of large-scale new energy access, we will promote large-scale wind power/photovoltaic power forecasting technology. In 2020, the power forecasting accuracy of new energy power generation will increase by 2% to 3%, and a resource monitoring network covering the grid-connected new energy power station will be built. Dispatching technology, research on large-scale renewable energy base power delivery and regulation technology, large-scale distributed energy flexible grid-connected operation control technology and large-scale energy storage technology, research on wind and solar storage joint optimization scheduling technology, improve large grid control and accept new energy Capacity; for energy storage systems equipped with wind farms and photovoltaic power plants, the construction of demonstration projects based on flexible electricity prices.
In the aspect of distributed power access, the distributed power plug-and-play grid-connected equipment and system are promoted to realize the two-way interaction between the distributed power supply and the energy storage system on the user side and the power grid; the simulation test of the distributed power supply and the micro grid interconnection is strengthened. Research on detection technology, operation management and operation control technology, and carry out distributed power multi-energy complementary comprehensive demonstration project in areas with multiple energy utilization conditions, improve the comprehensive utilization efficiency of multiple energy sources, and improve the distributed power supply of distribution network. Acceptance ability; orderly promote the demonstration application of micro-grid in remote areas such as islands and mountainous areas, improve the overall disaster-resisting capacity of distribution network and emergency power supply capacity after disasters.
In terms of intelligent interactive power consumption, the application of smart energy meter is widely promoted, and the electricity information collection system is constructed to further improve the diversified measurement mode and interactive function of the smart energy meter, support the future real-time electricity price mechanism, and support the user demand side response, information interaction and distribution. Power supply access, electric vehicle charging and discharging services; build user demand side response management system, improve demand response working mechanism and trading rules, pilot demonstration of large-scale user participation in demand response peaking demonstration project, explore flexible and diverse market-oriented trading mode Demonstrate the construction of intelligent communities, intelligent buildings, and intelligent parks to improve the intelligence of orderly electricity and energy efficiency services, support the construction of smart cities, further expand the scope of electric energy substitution and scale of implementation, and promote the application of heat pumps, electric heating, port power, etc. Technology to improve the level of atmospheric pollution control; select suitable areas, carry out multi-energy complementary comprehensive utilization demonstration projects based on photovoltaic, wind power, gas-fired combined heat and power supply; improve user information related to coal, oil, gas and other related energy fields Sharing, building
In terms of access to electric vehicle charging and replacing facilities, we will promote the construction of expressway fast charging network and vehicle networking service platform, access the charging facilities built by social capital investment, and enhance the interactive service capacity of charging and replacing facilities to meet 5 million electric vehicles in 2020. The demand for charging and replacing of automobiles; research on the utilization technology of electric vehicle battery ladders, improving the utilization efficiency of vehicle energy storage batteries and the level of interactive technology of vehicle networks.
In addition, we should master the core technology of new basic materials, promote the application of domestic high-power power electronic devices, safety control chips, research and development of new magnetic materials, DC insulation materials, wide-bandgap semiconductor materials, etc., to achieve flexible DC engineering system design, Key technical breakthroughs in the development of energy storage related equipment.
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