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Gas generator set precautions
1. The gas generator room should be kept away from the open flame area;
2. The gas generator set machine room should be spacious and bright and require the installation of a ventilation fan to ensure good ventilation;
3. When the gas generator set is installed, the chassis and the foundation should be leveled with a flat horn. The contact area should be above 60% and evenly distributed;
4, indoor installation of lighting, switches, lines and their electrical appliances should be used for explosion-proof measures, and fixed firmly;
5. The gas generator set room should meet the fire protection requirements and be equipped with fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipment;
6. Install a flammable gas alarm device in the gas generator room, which can be found in time when the flammable gas leaks;
7. The outer diameter of the main main pipe of a single gas engine gas pipeline below 60kw should be no less than 2吋, and the inner diameter of the part close to the engine should be no less than 1吋! The gas generators above 60kw are 3吋 and 2吋 respectively. And must install gas valve (stainless steel ball valve), type drain valve, anti-tempering device, gas line welding should be completed to clean the welding slag (with high pressure air);
8, gas must be desulfurization, dehydration, dust removal, which contains flow ≤ 0.25Nm3, hydrogen ≤ 10%;
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