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What are the application areas of power regulators?
Power regulators are now typically triggered by digital circuits to trigger voltage regulation and power regulation. The voltage regulation adopts the phase shift control mode, and the power adjustment has two methods: fixed cycle power adjustment and variable cycle power adjustment. The application areas of the power conditioner are described in detail below.
Wide range of applications for power regulators:
1. Electric furnace industry: annealing furnace, drying furnace, quenching furnace, sintering furnace, crucible furnace, tunnel furnace, melting furnace, box electric furnace, well type electric furnace, melting electric furnace, rolling electric furnace, vacuum electric furnace, trolley electric furnace, quenching electric furnace, Aging electric furnace, cover type electric furnace, atmosphere electric furnace, oven experiment electric furnace, heat treatment, electric resistance furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, high temperature furnace, kiln furnace, electric furnace.
2, mechanical equipment: packaging machinery, injection molding machinery, heat shrinking machinery, extrusion machinery, food machinery, tempering equipment, plastic processing, infrared heating.
3, glass industry: glass fiber, glass molding, glass melting, glass printing, float glass production line, annealing tank.
4, the automotive industry: spray drying, thermoforming.
5, energy-saving lighting: tunnel lighting, street lighting, photography lighting, stage lighting.
6. Chemical industry: distillation evaporation, preheating system, pipeline heating, petrochemical, temperature compensation.
7, other industries: salt bath furnace, power frequency induction furnace, quenching furnace temperature control, heat treatment furnace temperature control, diamond press heating, high power magnetization / demagnetization equipment, aviation power supply voltage regulation, central air conditioning electric heater temperature control, Textile machinery, crystal stone production, powder metallurgy machinery, color picture tube production equipment, metallurgical machinery equipment, petrochemical machinery, lighting smoothing adjustment, constant voltage constant current constant power control and other fields.
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