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Industrial upgrading in the power sector should be based on energy optimization
With the opening of a round of power industry optimization and reform, the end of the industry chain and the top-level design will usher in a re-layout and upgrade of various industries, and fully prepare for the upcoming upgraded power system. Ready to adapt to the real requirements of new power development. At the same time, the industrial upgrading of the power sector should be based on energy optimization. Under the current background of China's reform and opening up economy, the contradiction between supply and demand of electricity, one of the power sources of economic construction, will be resolved, and the power industry will move into a development mode. New opportunities for optimization, environmental protection and energy conservation are important reference standards. Based on energy conservation as the most important criterion to assess the direction, plan and effect of the power sector system reform. It is not only the actual standard for creating ecological civilization, but also the necessary way to promote resource optimization and industrial upgrading in the power industry.
On the other hand, the current grid is rationally planned and upgraded to achieve the goal of improving efficiency and reducing losses. Promote rational consumption on the demand side, and promote supply and demand balance and energy conservation and emission reduction by using modern information technology, cultivating electric energy services, and implementing demand response. Guide the user to use electricity reasonably by formulating and perfecting peak or electricity prices. Through publicity and promotion, the concept of energy saving and consumption reduction on the demand side is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, allowing all types of power users to actively save energy, and actively carry out energy-saving and emission reduction projects on the demand side.
The energy-saving and emission reduction of the power system also requires the active participation of all parties. The detailed implementation and overall optimization can promote the formation of synergy in all links of the industrial chain. This includes: to continuously optimize the power supply structure, promote the transformation and upgrading of thermal power enterprises, promote clean and efficient environmental protection units, vigorously develop renewable energy power generation, and ultimately reduce the consumption of fossil energy; promote power science dispatch and improve cross-regional inter-provincial power trading mechanism, Promote the optimal allocation of power resources on a larger scale. Guarantee the full generation of renewable energy, give priority to the Internet, and supply more clean and efficient electricity. In order to meet the new requirements of auxiliary services such as power grid peaking, frequency modulation, voltage regulation and user interruptible load, it is necessary to improve the new mechanism and compensation mechanism for auxiliary service assessment; to promote grid technology innovation, smart grid is to build smart city and new rural construction The necessary conditions must stimulate the ability of power innovation, on the one hand to promote the application of new technologies.
In the top-level layout, it is necessary to follow the technical and economic rational plan in the power field, and gradually improve the system and mechanism to promote the optimization of the resource. These include:; at the same time promote the construction of a multi-dimensional market competition pattern, promote market entities to promote efficiency through self-improvement and innovation, but also strengthen the need to strengthen power planning, increase the scope of planning, scientific and authoritative, all kinds of power Promote the construction, improve the power supervision organization system, strengthen the fair access of power grids, grid investment behavior, cost and investment operation efficiency supervision, give play to the flexibility of socialism, and control the blindness of market investment.
Open source and throttling, saving is our tradition, saving valuable treasures, reducing waste and influencing fundamental pollution, environmental protection, and energy conservation are the core values ​​of our power sector, and will ultimately be reflected in every part of the power sector. In the field, from the micro perspective, industrial upgrading will provide a clear long-term direction for the efficient operation of the electric energy system.
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