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Xiamen YeSheng Electic Co., Ltd.

Xiamen industry sheng electrical co., LTD is mainly engaged in medium and high voltage electrical switch accessories, machinery parts and epoxy insulating parts manufacturing professional manufacturers.The company is located in xiamen deep industrial clusters, the registered capital of 11.5 million yuan, standard factory building area of 10500 square meters.Now has the domestic leading type epoxy resin automatic pressure gel into 24 sets of professional equipment, molding and other supporting production equipment 300 sets;And with a number of years specializing in epoxy resin production, inspection and electrical machine design and technical personnel.Now the company owns more than standard electric shielding laboratory and power frequency detector, DSC glass transition temperature partial discharge detector, high and low temperature circulation equipment, X-ray apparatus, laser engraving machine, universal tensile testing machine and other electrical performance and mechanical performance testing equipment;With perfect management system, the product production and test strictly implement standardized production technology and perfect testing standard, the product quality control, production safety management strictly enforce the ISO9001:2008 quality management system, to the production environment strictly implement ISO14001:2006 environmental management system;To provide safety and environmental protection and high quality products.For many years a stable product quality and integrity of operation mechanism, industry sheng has establish good cooperative relations with domestic and international numerous switch equipment factory, and products are exported to the United States, South Korea,Germany and other overseas countries.

Scope of the company's products mainly for the pillar cable casing, SF6 load switch, charging fuse tube, solid insulation parts, enclosed a column, insulator sensor, insulating plug, switch equipment form a complete set of components, industry sheng also can undertake new product development at the same time, according to the sample chart to develop the mould and product customization service.

Industry for the future, sheng who adhered to the "pursuit of excellence, continuous innovation" the quality, with first-class level, first-class technology, first-class technology, first-class service dedicated to the development of high voltage electrical insulation in industry, at home and abroad wholeheartedly with the people from all walks of life hand in hand advance together, at the same time also to make due contribution for the electric power industry, and strive to become power electric industry high-quality epoxy resin insulated parts suppliers.



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